Why we produce Wooden SUP-s?

Damir Zalokar, shaper and producer of wooden SUP-s
Damir Zalokar, shaper and producer of wooden SUP-s

Story of LSUP is based on constructing wooden toys for my son Lukas. All toys, made for him was his favorite. 

Water sports are my favorite and I get idea to made board for use it with a bungee rope on river Kolpa. I started with simple wooden plate, then continued with small surfboard to first real SUP board. 

I made it in home garage for my son and the next board for my wife Moica I was already producing it in workshop, called SUP-corner.

After that I made some more boards, tested it, implement improvements, test it again and repeat cycle infinite times.

The story vent on in direction, which was outlined long time ago, I suppose before I actually aware it.

Wood is beatifull.

Frequently used phrase, but with lot of truth inside. Wood in all forms connect us with nature. Artificial materials try to copy nature, but always remain tracker.

Wood is alive.

To stand on wooden board in unique feeling. Try to compare standing on real parquet or on artificial one.

Wood is breathing.

Constantly. During production phase it gives challenge, during active use attention.


We can close ourselfs in artificial enviroment, we can surround us with all modern technological gadgets for better life, we can be excited on capabilities of modern time, nothing wrong with that. But in the moment, when we step into unspoiled nature, we relax and become happy. That is all.

Showcase of Wooden SUP-s

Linija Pelikan - Touring wooden SUP

 December, 2021

Linija Tucan - Touring deska

 V izdelavi, na voljo od sredine marca 2021

Linija Albatros

 Januar 2022

Wooden SUP Paddle

 May, 2018

Wooden SUP Barada Sport

 Junij 2019

11.6 foot Wooden SUP Bergi

 Maj 2018