Line Longboard - Allround Wooden SUP

The Allround board line, intended for recreational use, especially at sea, do not miss the leisurely rowing on rivers and lakes, as Longboard is perfectly suitable for this type of use. Longboard boards are very stable and a little slower than the Albatross line. This form of board is also suitable for surfing smaller waves. In fact, the longboard shape and name is taken from surfboards from the mid-80s, where these types of boards reigned on Hawaiian beaches.

Longboard is a design "planning" type of board, which actually slides on the surface of the water surface and pushes the water under, the bow is more rounded, which means that the ratio of length and width of the board, that water contact with the board is wider, which has a positive effect. stability while reducing speed slightly.

The lower rocker is visibly noticeable at the front and rear, thus behaving better on long waves, and the raised rear rocker pushes the board forward when you surf on the wave. It also allows for quick maneuvering, and the side line still holds the board in the direction when paddling straight. The bottom is flat for maximum stability.

The feed is wide and stable.

The top line is straight, the space on the bow is also suitable for a four-legged friend.

The standing position is wide, it also allows lying down, and at the same time there can be more people on the SUP, as the SUP works best at larger widths.

Longboard boards are available in two basic lengths:

305 cm x 78 cm x 12 cm (10 x 30.7 x 4.7)

323 cm x 78 cm x 12 cm (10.6 x 30.7 x 4.7)

SUP works best in a combination of 305 cm long and 78 cm wide for year-round rowing on calm waters, especially for people with less weight.

The color of the SUP and accessories is optional, it can be completely natural Paulownie color or stained with a pickling process. The color and material of the standing base is optional, but cork is recommended in a natural color or a color that matches the decorative elements of the SUP.

The construction follows the concept of a hollow board, so the main frame consists of a stringer and ribs, on which is a wooden perimeter, built according to a system of composite materials or double walls. There is only air inside the board, which allows for a low SUP weight, so there is a built-in system to equalize the air pressure when the temperature changes.

The SUP has a built-in standard US box for the fin, which enables the replacement of fin with the US box clamping system. A wooden fin belongs to the board.

All SUPs are made according to the Custom Made method, to order and are made specifically for each customer and in accordance with his wishes. To order and purchase, please send an e-mail to the e-mail address provided on the website under the contact tab. For the best user experience, each purchase of the board is done in person and with many options for individual adjustments.

Example of standard dimensions of the Longboard SUP line.



Board lenght:

305 cm

10 foot


78 cm

30.7 inch

Board height: 

12 cm

4.7 inch

Board weight: 

12 kg

26 pound

Board volume: 

190 l

Fin box: 

US BOX Univerzal




Hollow board (strings, ribs)

Standing area: 

Cork 3 mm

Optimal weight of a person: 

up to 90 kg

Made for: 


Working hour: 

Estimated 80 hours, depending on the desired details.