Lucas board Second Edition - FuN BoArD

Mother of All Boards - Second Edition

F u N    B o A r D

A wooden SUP made again for my son Lukas, and can only ride ... Lukas. The father on this board is not able to stand on the water, or stand only briefly. SUP tailored to the 11 years old kid, with a specific design that is not exactly a copy of SUPs, but is a mix of different styles. It is relatively narrow to provide speed while challenging him. Usually, children are not  drive straight, so the rear is wider and designed to provide maximum stability when performing tricks and turns, while at the same time it has a feed shaped like a military fighter plane. Lukas also worked with the designs.

So - Fun Board

Length: 260 cm, width: 70 cm, thickness: 10 cm. Manufactured in March 2019. It took 64 hours to produce.