Wooden SUP Paddle

The wooden SUP includes a wooden SUP paddle. The length of the paddle, the flexibility of the paddle and the shape of the paddle depends on your preferences and your height.

The paddle have a 9 degree incline for relaxed rowing, the shape of the blade allows for minimal swirling.

We can make paddles that are made entirely of wooden slats, so the paddle is suitable for occasional use with great bending along the length but  the possibility of damaging the paddle is greater.

Fully wooden paddles can also be reinforced with fiberglass or carbon fiber, which adds stiffness and greater resistance to breakage. Thus, they are suitable for recreational daily use.

Paddles with a wooden handle and paddle and carbon tube are suitable for intensive rowing and longer tours with excellent use of paddle energy.

Both all-wood and carbon paddles are one-piece, the length is set per person.

The weight of the paddle is from 700 to 900 g.