Showcase of Wooden SUP-s

Wooden SUP is pointed for modern person, who wants something more, something different and  his/here  orientation towards nature is incorporated in his/here life philosophy.

Every SUP, produced in LSUP is unique. Energy and attention imported during production faze is released in final product.

Wooden SUP has permanent value and sustainability. In fact, with time, it becomes even more noble. After active use it still has retro art look and becomes welcome artefact in living room.

I am dedicated to details. Transparent resin shows every part on board.

Handle for easy lift of the board is wooden, and if wanted also leash and fin box.


Arrival with wooden SUP to spot will definitely attract a lot of attention.

Linija Tucan - Touring deska

 V izdelavi, na voljo od sredine marca 2021

11.6 foot Wooden SUP Bergi

 Maj 2018

Lucas board Second Edition - FuN BoArD

 Maj 2019

14 foot Wooden SUP Andrej

 Maj 2018

Wooden SUP Marko's

 May, 2018

Wooden SUP Elegant

 June, 2018

Wooden SUP Double Line

 May, 2018

Wooden SUP Plant

 June, 2018

Wooden SUP Barada Sport

 Junij 2019

Decorative Wooden SUP FN BAR

 Junij 2019

Out Of The Box ...Design


Wooden SUP Lucas

 May, 2017

Wooden SUP Moica's

 July, 2017

Wooden SUP Paddle

 May, 2018